Pippa Middleton had secret skiing hen do as Prince William partied in the Alps

If you thought that Prince William’s dad dancing was a little exuberant when he was partying in the Alps last week there may have been a good reason.

While the Duke of Cambridge was grabbing all the headlines for his moves in Verbier in Switzerland, the Duchess of Cambridge was 100 miles away in Meribel for her sister’s secret hen do.

Pippa Middleton is supposedly a big fan of the winter sport and it was her first choice for a hen weekend before she marries property tycoon James Matthews next month.

The two groups departed for the slopes in the same private jet last month but then went their separate ways to the different resorts.

Pippa and her friends reportedly stayed in an exclusive catered chalet with maids and a chef, a source said..

‘The owners also wanted to impress their royal guests so the girls were showered with gifts,’ they added.

‘They were given Swatch watches, Ugg slippers, leather-bound notebooks and bespoke fragrances. It was a very small, private party and they had an amazing time.’

The private jet was paid for by the Middletons ahead of next month’s wedding.

The revelation quashes the rumour that William was partying as the Duchess of Cambridge looked after their children at home.

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Kate Middleton is planning Pippa’s Hen Party

When her big sister, the former Kate Middleton, married Prince William, Pippa threw her a quiet, dignified hen night at the home of a friend. But while Pippa will probably keep it a little classier than the typical bachelorette out of respect for her sister’s royal position, there’s no doubt things could get a little rowdier!

First and foremost, there’s the timing. Pippa’s wedding to financier James Matthews is rumored to be taking place on May 20 with a reception at the family home in Berkshire. If accurate, we’re probably looking at sometime between now and April for the bash.

 Secondly, there is the location to consider. Assuming an apocalypse brought on by our current global political climate doesn’t break out between now and then, it’s safe to assume that Kate herself will throw a hen weekend, and it will most likely involve travel. A source told Life & Style that a luxury girls’ trip has been planned in Switzerland.

“Kate is hiring private chefs to cook a lavish 10-course tasting dinner featuring some of Pippa’s own dishes. She’s arranging surprise performances by the likes of Ellie Goulding and possibly some even bigger stars.”

Hmmm. While we can definitely see food being a major part of the plans — Pippa did release a cookbook, after all — and Ellie Goulding is a friend of Prince Harry, hiring major pop stars with hefty price tags seems a bit over the top, even for the royally-related. But we have a better idea.

No bachelorette party is complete without a cheesy stripper, right?

Prince Harry. Dressed like a bobby from Scotland Yard. Popping out of a cake. Out come the handcuffs! “You’re under arrest, Pippa. You’ll have to stay cuffed to this chair while I change out of my uniform!”

Hmmm… How does one think one can finagle an invitation to this shindig?

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Unusual stag do for Cader volunteers

STAG dos are typically associated with over indulgence, crazy outfits and foolhardy shenanigans.

However, this was not the case for one conscientious group of volunteers who preferred instead to dedicate their weekend to help preserve one of Gwynedd’s most majestic peaks.

On Saturday, 19 November, a group of volunteers assisted the National Park wardens in removing a number of the unnecessary smaller stone cairns on Cader Idris. The volunteers were in Snowdonia on a stag party and were enthusiastic to assist the park in any way they could.

After a guided walk to the summit of Cader Idris, the team of nine volunteers, under the supervision of the wardens, went about removing a few of the smaller stone cairns.

The cairns are constructed by walkers who lift stones out of the path and add them to the pile when they walk past, which eventually leads to footpath erosion, scarring and damage to the fragile habitat.

With the volunteers’ assistance the number of cairns on a section of Cader Idris was reduced from around a 100 to approximately 85. The national park thanked the volunteers for their hard work.

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Female First – 10 Reasons to have an active hen do

Leave the balloons and the L-plates behind!

Shiny pink sashes and L-plates not quite your thing? Leave your high heels at home and plan an active hen party for your girls. Here are ten reasons to ditch the plastic whistles for high ropes and trainers.

Planning a hen party doesn’t need to be stressful. But with so many activities out there, it’s difficult to know which to choose. When organising an amazing celebration for your bride-to-be, there is one thing to decide: relaxing pamper session or epic, action-packed weekend the girls will never forget. Here’s why you should get your adrenalin pumping and opt for an active hen party…

Reason 1

Break the ice at the hen party with a hilarious activity that will make even the shyest members of the group open up. You’ll learn so much about each other that the rest of the weekend will be an absolute breeze.

Reason 2

There is nothing that says ‘I’m a powerful woman’ than proving to you and your best friends that you have what it takes to abseil down a 150-foot quarry wearing a super cute climbing outfit. This climbing and abseiling experience is out of this world. https://www.redsevenleisure.co.uk/slideshow.php?ProductID=534

Reason 3

In ten years from now, you *might* remember that facial you got in Bath. But more likely than not, you’ll definitely remember that game of Football May-Hen where Julie went flying across the field and bounced off the goal post. Zorb football is fun, competitive and you won’t be able to keep a straight face as your friends bounce around the pitch.

Reason 4

Learn a new skill! Get some new dance moves under your belt. There are so many genres you could try out. Love Michael Jackson? Learn the choreography to Thriller! You’ll be the envy of every dance party from now on.

Reason 5

Bond with your group over common ground. Ok, so maybe it’s a bit left field to sign up to an assault course or archery lesson, but you’ll have a story to tell forever. Or at least it will be a great conversation starter at the wedding reception!

Reason 6

Why should boys have all the fun? Seriously, girls. It’s time to kick into gear.

Reason 7

What better way to prepare for the big day than a health and fitness theme to the hen party! A super charged breakfast, followed by an energetic Beyoncé style dance class. Now that’s a hen party.

Reason 8

Your bride-to-be will probably be expecting a super relaxed weekend full of pamper sessions, drinking and embarrassing accessories. Organise the ultimate hen party prank and give her something to really sweat over. She’ll thank you for it.

Reason 9

An active hen party doesn’t have to mean you’ll be stuck having nightmares of school sports days whilst wearing a pink sash and veil. Enjoy a really fun day splashing about with a water sports taster day. So much better than the sports you remember as a kid and an amazing experience will be had by everyone in your group.

Reason 10

Get remembered for organising the most epic, activity filled hen do your best friends will remember for a lifetime!

Read more: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/weddings/active-hen-do-ideas-1018305.html#ixzz4SdLyNvXZ

Are alternative stag weekends becoming the norm?

Most of us who have been friends with a married man all know the usual stag do weekend package. There’s a pub crawl, some sort of ill-fitting lime-green mankini or questionable costume and a lot of out of tune renditions of Wonderwall.

According to research from 2014, 62 per cent of stag do’s featured strippers or strip clubs. Other usual activities involve some sort of drinking, a holiday to Eastern Europe or some sort of sport activity. However, this could well be changing. Although the typical boozy night of debauchery still appeals, other alternative nights are becoming more and more popular.

Older grooms, a new health-conscious generation and a desire to stay away from a cliched stag weekend mean alternative stag weekends are becoming anything but unusual.


Traditional stag weekends are still popular

We should start by saying that traditional stag weekends are still popular. It seems  that it’s not so much that an interest in alcohol or beer has subsided. Rather stag dos today are as likely to favour visiting a brewery for a tour rather than attempting to drink the annual output of a brewery in a cheap bar. As with much of modern life the focus is on a tangible experience.

Stag weekend packages include activities that range from trips to the strippers and go-kart racing, to life drawing classes and spa days. It seems that traditional stag parties have not necessarily become less popular, only new and alternative ones are now more in demand as well.

In fact, although tastes are diversifying, traditional stag weekends still enjoy a huge amount of popularity among men of all ages. In 2013, the Daily Mail reported that there was a staggering 220,000 stag and hen parties in a single month.

Millennials prefer unusual stag weekends

The rise in popularity of unusual stag weekends could also be down to the changing generation and how they enjoy stag parties. According to The Guardian, more millennials are getting married and they are both less likely to drink to excess and more likely to search for a new, more unusual experience.

In the 25-44 age bracket, the number who are teetotal has increased from 15% in 2005 to 20% in 2013. Those who do drink are more likely to do so in moderation. This means binge drinking is less popular, as are traditional stag weekend activities such as beer pong. Millennials are also swapping low-percentage lager for stronger craft beer, but drinking a lot less of it.

Some of the younger, more-health conscious generation are even swapping pub crawls for juice crawls, where a shot of tequila is replaced by a shot of vitamin-laden fruit juice. Could juice crawls, morning raves and sober nights-out be the future of stag parties? Well, no, not for everyone.

Regardless of the growing trends for alternative stag weekends, and the continuing popularity of traditional events too, stag parties are clearly going nowhere. In the three years since then, the stag industry has only grown in popularity and today is worth £500 million to the UK economy annually. It seems that many men expect and want a stag party, whether it’s a simple night at the pub, or a weekend away. From the the cheap and cheerful, to the extravagant, stag do’s are here to stay. The only thing that’s changing is that men are getting more and more creative with the send off they give their mates.

Are alternative stag weekends becoming the new norm? – words Alan Woods